Ophthalmology: A short story behind the human eye.

It has been a while since I wasn’t at the hospital. We came back from our community service after three months; I never thought I would miss this place as much as I did. I was assign to start my last surgery rotation in ophthalmology for two weeks. Although most of the people (including myself) … Continue reading Ophthalmology: A short story behind the human eye.


Los Nevados

¿What's Ruralita? As part of the medical career in our country we are assigned to a rural area for around three months as community service our last year, to learn about public health, epidemiology and also treat patients. We call it ''Ruralita''. For some time I had the idea to go to a small town … Continue reading Los Nevados

Pediatric Surgery

From Old French surgerie, contracted form of cirurgie, from Latin chirurgia, from Ancient Greek χειρουργία (kheirourgía), from χείρ (kheír, “hand”) + ἔργον (érgon, “work”). Surgery specialties had always caught my attention, although pediatric surgery was not one of the first on my mind. Actually I never thought I would enjoy pediatrics as much as I … Continue reading Pediatric Surgery

El Vigía: Capítulo I.

Vigía, Mérida, Venezuela. Octubre 2017. Emergencia Obstétrica Día 1: Una de mis principales preocupaciones pasó desde el comienzo a segundo plano, el clima. Aunque ciertamente el clima es caluroso no parece ser algo del todo relevante. El hospital es pequeño, quizás no lo hayan remodelado en muchos años, como casi cualquier infraestructura en este país, pero … Continue reading El Vigía: Capítulo I.

Is neurosurgery a common choice among medical students?

Since our first day at med school, we can only dream on what it feels like to be a doctor. Medicine is such a broad science, and every specialty is uncharted territory at first. After a few years you'll get in touch with most of these areas, getting a better understanding of what they really … Continue reading Is neurosurgery a common choice among medical students?