Ophthalmology: A short story behind the human eye.

It has been a while since I wasn’t at the hospital. We came back from our community service after three months; I never thought I would miss this place as much as I did. I was assign to start my last surgery rotation in ophthalmology for two weeks. Although most of the people (including myself) has been to the ophthalmologist at least once, I actually didn’t know about all the different surgical procedures they perform or how almost every pathology could affect the eyes. The very first day I saw a patient with strabismus, a condition in which the eyes are not properly align with each other, but this patient was able to alternate its condition willingly to the other eye, something I didn’t know it was even possible. That day I knew I would really enjoy the next two weeks.

Close up of human eye by the armenian photographer Suren Manvelyan.

Fortunately, one of the residents is a good friend of my dad and he soon started teaching me and my friends many things about ophthalmology. He recommended us a book written by a neuro ophthalmologist (that apparently looks just like me), so we can start studying the different pathologies. Also we began to practice with the ophthalmoscope the funduscopy technique, which allows us to see the inside of the eye in order to determine if there’s something wrong with the different structures like blood vessels, retina, optical nerve and more. Of course we’ve already practice this technique before with our own ophthalmoscopes, but there’s a huge difference between the ophthalmoscope that ophthalmologists use and ours. When we learn their technique we were able to see (finally) all those structures just like the pictures in our books.

Human Eye Anatomy 2
Anatomy of Human Eye. Illustration by Dave Carlson.

Some people say that eyes are windows to our soul, and now I could say that they may be right about that somehow. At least in medicine a careful look inside someone’s eye will tell much more about their health condition than what they are willing to tell you. Surgery procedures are also very cool I must say, everything looks so tiny but they manage to do it in a record time with very accurate skills and also they perform surgery while seated the whole time, something quite different from other surgical specialties. Even though they perform many different procedures this specialty is really flexible with schedules, so if your looking to spend more time with your family and friends this is a great residency option. In my case I won’t change my mind about neurosurgery but ophthalmology is very interesting and also important for every health practitioner.



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